Gift wrapping

August 8, 2010

New in my shop: Bows for gift wrapping and wrapping paper….

5 Responses to “Gift wrapping”

  1. NiNocHka Says:

    It’s so vintage that it just so lovable ! :)

  2. natasha Says:

    i was in copenhagen for a day on friday and went to your store. unfortunately you weren’t there and it was closed.
    i live in the states and look at your blog sometimes, so i was really excited to see your adorable shop.
    i’ll have to try again next time!

  3. lina Says:

    these are so pretty. i love them.

    so neat that you went to the fashion show!

  4. brinja Says:

    Natasha: Oh, I’m so sorry you vent to the store in vain! Hope you’ll try again some time :) -b

  5. Linn Says:

    They are SO pretty. I will definitely try to find your shop when I (finally) will move to Copenhagen in a few months!

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