Shop news

September 9, 2010

I am going to post pictures from the shop for the next couple of days, it’s been a while now and in the meantime lots and lots of new stuff has arrived. I have not yet had time to fully observe all the new items. It’s not quite the same when I’m no longer behind the counter every day. Now I just stop by for a visit whenever Vilja is up for it!

I still sell clothes too but it doesn’t look as pretty on pictures as the interior stuff do.

The old lampshades are found on flea markets during summer. It brings new life for an old lamp in the fitting room.

The wallpaper with brown flowers is new too. Not new new, it’s from the 60 ‘s -but new in the shop.

7 Responses to “Shop news”

  1. PinkBow Says:

    i do love the photographs of your shop…so much eye-candy!

  2. malin Says:

    love thoose PAUMES-books. want them all!

  3. lins Says:

    I have NEVER thought of using different (not matching) shades on a chandelier! I love it!

  4. Maria Ana Says:

    I am moving by myself in October and those lamp shades are a great idea:)
    And those japanese (?) books have to be mine;)

  5. Lupo Says:

    Øv, altså – jeg troede lige det var min ide med ikke-matchende lampeskærme!
    Spøg til side, jeg er i gang med en lignende lysekrone, men har kun fundet 3 små skærme, som faldt i smag.
    Nu ved jeg hvor der er flere til salg!
    Vi ses måske i din butik, Brinja!

  6. brinja Says:

    Maria Ana: The books are from Japanese ‘paumes’. they’re great inspiration :)

  7. brinja Says:

    Lupo: Håber vi ses :) -b

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