The wind is blowing

September 16, 2010

We play a game with the girls that goes something like this: my sister Sigga and I shake a sheet over their heads and sing something like -the wind is bloooowing… then we let the sheet fall slowly down on top of them and remove it again by saying ‘peek a boo’… We call it ‘the wind is blowing’ (vinden blæser). The girls get so exited when we play this simple game, their little bodies shake all over.

Vilja right, Cousin April left.

24 Responses to “The wind is blowing”

  1. What a cute game! look at those beaming smiles!

  2. ohhhappy Says:

    Hvor er de bare søde… De ligner tvillinger på det andet billede. Børn har en fantastisk evne til at blive begejstrede, det er fantastisk at se, synes jeg.

  3. Miri Says:

    Awww, this is a cute game. They look so happy. And they look quite alike, don’t they?

  4. ha ha – ja, på det sidste billede ligner de tvillinger, men på det første billede ligner de deres fædre h e l t vildt

  5. Polkadotjes Says:

    OMG…they could be twins!

  6. Niels E Says:

    Jeg vil også lege!

  7. Catarina Says:

    Sweet, too sweet! Happy weekend to you girls:)

  8. Nina K Says:

    That is the cutest thing ever. These pictures made my day :)

  9. Kerry Says:

    This is so unbelievable sweet, what little delights!

  10. sabine Says:

    · { hvor er de fine } ·

  11. irene Says:

    the two girls look so much the same :)

  12. Lisa Says:

    Love it! I’m going to try it with our baby. Thanks!

  13. brinja Says:

    Christina: Hej, hvor sjovt :) jeg må kigge nærmere på din blog meget snart :)

  14. brinja Says:

    Mette/ungt blod: Ha ha ja, du har helt ret.

  15. brinja Says:

    Miri: They sure do :)

  16. Grace Says:

    Love the second picture. Their smile look a lot like each other. Super cute!!!

  17. lins Says:

    thanks for the happiness, it makes my day

  18. So lovely :-) Is that a patchwork blanket that they’re playing on? It’s gorgeous. Did you make it?

  19. You girls are the luckiest in the world to be so close and have babies at the exact same time!

    I hope to be in Copenhagen to visit friends and maybe look up a relative or two. I can’t wait to see your shop!


  20. sigga Says:

    Vi må snart lege igen for det er jo verdens sjoveste!

  21. martina Says:

    they are so cute, i would die to have such a pretty baby like you ;)

  22. heodeza Says:

    Your girls are beautiful, Brinja and Sigga!

  23. Caroline Says:

    The girls are so lovely! I like their smiles and can imagine that you and your sister enjoy the time together with these beauties!

  24. agnes Says:

    oh qu’est ce qu’ils sont beaux.
    Très jolies photos…

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