October 5, 2010

I wish every day were like this…

9 Responses to “Today”

  1. ohhhappy Says:

    Hvor er hun fin! Og dygtig…

  2. Penny Says:

    I just found your BEAUTIFUL blog through Pepper Design. I am a Danish citizen,born in Kobenhavn in 1960 and moved to California when I was 4. I have been back many times and am looking forward to my next trip when I can visit your shop. By the way, your baby is fantastic… enjoy every minute.
    Fondly, Penny (Pernille) in Palo Alto, CA

  3. Svenja Says:

    What a cute picture! By the way I would love to send you pictures for a “What Svenja wore this week post” I hope I will manage to take some five days in a row :)

  4. Maria Ana Says:

    so gorgeous and calm!

  5. ewy Says:

    It’s so naice to see, u spend so much time together All three of u.

  6. ulla Says:

    Ser da også bare total hyggeligt ud. Elsker sådan nogle morgener med den lille i smørhullet:)

  7. Cristina Says:

    love this your family place full of fun and good pictures

  8. marianamegre Says:

    Wonderful and sweet!!

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