Lovely lovely Sunday

October 10, 2010

Anders has been away from home for a few days and Vilja has not been sleeping much, -neither have I. But today my in laws came by with dinner and took over for a while. I had a nap a meal and a break and Vilja had a shower and lots of fun. Now she is sleeping like an angel and I have had an evening with time to take a look at the good old minihome. Lucky me. Lovely lovely Sunday.

8 Responses to “Lovely lovely Sunday”

  1. I love miniature things and this little house is especially beautiful.

  2. Marion Says:

    Lovely minihome!
    And nice blog!

  3. lea Says:

    hvor ser minihjemmet flot og opdateret ud – imponerende! godt at høre, at vilja sover igen : )

  4. sigga Says:

    Glad for at høre at hun sover igen den lille og hurra for Bodil og Stefan!

  5. Ann Says:

    I’ve been waiting for an update on your mini home.. Its looking as wonderful as ever!

  6. Joan Says:

    Det faktisk lidt uhyggeligt.

    Det mener mig om den seriemorder der var løs i csi, som lavede Miniature hjem.. men det rigtig godt lavet.. :D

  7. Manostiles Says:

    Hvor gennemført og sikke et vildt overskud det må kræve. Er meget imponeret!

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