The origami club

October 24, 2010

Do you know the origami club? I can’t wait to try it out. Here’s a fox a money and a rabbit, they’re in the easy category. I might just start there.

10 Responses to “The origami club”

  1. PinkBow Says:

    oh my! i was just tying origami for the first time today!! i must check this out

  2. lina Says:

    ooo! i love origami. i’m going to check it out.

  3. erica Says:

    how cute! gonna have a look too :D

  4. Stine Says:

    Hvor er de søde, især kaninen. Det kunne jeg også godt tænke mig at prøve :)

  5. nkitkat Says:

    wow that’s great tutorials! Thanks for sharing. Now I can go ahead and do all the ones on the cop10 cbd logo cool :-)

  6. bobbi Says:

    cool!! I bought an origami book once, but everything was sp difficult!! i will try this. I love everything paper-related.

  7. Lis Says:

    Jeg har først lige fået øjnene sådan rigtig op for origami, men nu står de da så også på vid gab. Eller noget…Jeg er i hvert fald blevet helt bidt af det, så tak for link:)


  8. Hi Brinja!
    I’ve enjoyed reading your blog for some time now. I used to live right across the bridge from you (in Malmö) but now I’ve moved to France so it doesn’t look like I’ll be going to your shop anytime soon:( Thank you for the link, I went ahead and made some of my own!
    Hej så länge!

  9. HELLO TIGER! Says:

    I’ve done a lot of origami guided by that page. I love it!

  10. cara Says:

    haha sweet! thanks for sharing :)

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