Samsø snow

December 6, 2010

This is pictures taken by my step-mum outside the house on Samsø. My dad on the first pic. I miss having them just around the corner, but I am looking very much forward to my next visit on the small island.

Yep; it’s snowing in Denmark.

9 Responses to “Samsø snow”

  1. lina Says:

    love your dad’s sweater!

  2. heodeza Says:

    Your dad’s sweater is indeed very, very cool!

  3. Natascha Says:

    Det ser så idyllisk ud!!!! En smule Nøddebo Præstegård, hehe :o) Skal du holde jul dér?

  4. sigga Says:

    Far og AG er vidunderlige!

  5. Marjolein Says:

    The world looks so pure when it’s covered with snow. I would move to one of the scandinavian countries to experience true winter.
    There’s snow in Holland, too. But it’s melting already…
    Love from Holland.

  6. Stéphanie Says:

    Beautiful pictures !

  7. How beautiful is that!

  8. Allison Says:

    Wow that is A LOT of snow! It looks so calm and pretty there.

  9. brinja Says:

    Natascha: Nej jeg skal holde jul hjemme på Frederiksberg, men tar et smut til samsø til nytår, så håber jeg der stadig er lidt sne tilbage :) Go dag og tak for sidst.

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