Babies in the shop…

December 7, 2010

Vilja left, Cousin April right. More pictures from the shop tomorrow!

12 Responses to “Babies in the shop…”

  1. tinalila Says:

    Oh my, oh my! They are so sweet!
    I really like their hats, are they home-made?

    Keep this blog as lovely as it is! It lightens the soul <3

    Hug from Slovenia

  2. sigga Says:


  3. Such a cute picture! They are getting so big!

  4. Kerry Says:

    Adorable! How lovely that they are growing up together, and will probably be the best of friends.

  5. Edmée Says:

    I love the pics with the two of them :)

  6. Haha! I love it. So funny and cute :)

  7. Ida Rud Says:

    Haha, det ser lidt ud, som om Vilja tænker:”Æhh, hvad er det liiige, du har gang i? Pas nu lidt på.”

  8. heidi Says:

    Fantastisk :) det er så skønt at komme på besøg, det er altså en skøn skøn blog

  9. Hildur Says:

    Jeg tror, de hygger sig i hinandens selsskab! :-)

  10. Niels E Says:

    April laver et lille show og Vilja kigger koncentreret på

  11. brinja Says:

    tinalila: Yep, home knitted hats by ‘granny O’ :)

  12. Emma Says:

    So so cute! It looks like two old friends having a chat! (in a pram no less!) very sweet x

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