Window display

December 15, 2010

Picture taken yesterday. Christmas sale in the shop is really on at the moment. The girls and I have  our wrapping muscles top-tuned.

I have sold quite a bit presents on the web shop too.  This bird and these earrings are very popular. If you want to order from the web shop before Christmas last chance is Friday 17th.

5 Responses to “Window display”

  1. sigga Says:

    Det ser godt ud, verdens bedste gave butik. Det er så svært at begrænse sig.

  2. Hildur Says:

    Der er alt for meget at vælge mellem! :-O

  3. nikaela Says:

    oh I wish I could come shop! but alas you are on the other side of the world! xo happy third advent weekend!

  4. Merissa Says:

    I love your little black and white price displays. So cute and convenient for customers. Who wants sticky price stickers after seeing these.

  5. shayne Says:

    oh yeah love the colored cutting boards

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