I love holidays!

December 25, 2010

Thanks for all your Christmas wishes. Last night was wonderful. Today was: a long walk in the snow, yummy leftovers, play with presents and story telling by grandma (who lives on our sofa). Next up: Christmas movie night.

8 Responses to “I love holidays!”

  1. Niels E Says:

    hun har jo samme trøje som jeg!

  2. sigga Says:

    Tak for en dejlig jul.

  3. karlijn Says:

    Wow, that sounds great! Can’t wait to celebrate christmas with my baby in that way (18weeks pregnant)!

  4. Mette Says:

    Glædelig jul! Jeg elsker juledagene – ikke mindst en 2. juledag uden forpligtelser. Plus en enkelt julefilm….

  5. Allison Says:

    Such a cute angle on the second photo. Happy Holidays Brinja!

  6. nikaela Says:

    merry merry! i love your blog. xxxx oooo

  7. Maria Says:

    Smukke smukke billeder! Glædelig jul

  8. pip Says:

    Oh! Your holidays look lovely! I love holidays too!! Thank you for always posting such beautiful images! Happy New Year to you! xx

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