Men with moustaches

January 15, 2011

Look what the mail-man brought me a few days ago.

I don’t know what I liked the most, the delicate hand stitched moustache-brooch or the the wrapping with beautiful handwriting, drawings and detail after detail.

Thank you very much for the nice gift. I love it.

5 Responses to “Men with moustaches”

  1. Tessel Says:

    The pages are from an old Dutch childrensbook I can see.

  2. Djoeke Says:

    Dutch moustache!

  3. Merel Says:

    Is it Dutch? Or a moustache from Belgium? Anyway… I like it :-)
    Groetjes uit Nederland!

  4. nikaela Says:

    it is perfect on your overalls. xx

  5. frances qarau Says:

    oooh your blog is so inspirational. I hope to visit Denmark this year, and will certianly visit your shop. I have also recetly brought the Japanese books of ‘apartments in Paris, London, Finland…” love them. Enjoy the rest of the weekend, from sunny cold London. Frances

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