Miniature storage boxes

January 25, 2011

20 Responses to “Miniature storage boxes”

  1. Mette Says:

    …for hunne da, du bliver bare ved med din helt vidunderlige minature verden, som jeg knus elsker. Selv sidder jeg i mørket i køkkenet lige nu med en kop god kaffen og nyder mine svampe lysestager.

  2. callsmall Says:

    Simply, utterly, PERFECT. Perhaps you will sell these in your shop??! ;)

  3. amanda jane Says:

    ah! my goodness, these are cute!

  4. That’s adorable, I’m in love!

    Camila F.

  5. sigga Says:

    Du er så vild!

  6. hinke Says:

    I love your miniature home. I’am allways amazed about the great details!

  7. lina Says:

    wow! it looks so similar! nicely done!

  8. Louise Says:

    Jamen, hvordan filan gør du??

  9. Aditha Says:

    So, so cute !

  10. Aditha Says:

    So, so cute !!!

  11. Alice Says:

    I’m not sure if your hand grew big or those boxes shrunk because I can’t tell the difference!

    Great job Brinja. They are super cute!

  12. Kristin Says:

    they are so sweet and cute.:)

  13. Suite Henry Says:

    This is really great.
    Your eye for detail and your patience is lovely!

  14. Maria Ana Says:

    You always leave me without words with these pieces :)

  15. fru sommer Says:

    ihhh, hvor er de fine ;)

  16. Vi Says:

    They turned out fantastically!

  17. […] brinja’s miniature storage boxes – so cute! […]

  18. Brigg Says:


  19. edwige Says:

    In France We just say :
    ” Wahoooooo” ….;D

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