What I wore this week

January 29, 2011

Who’s up for next weeks fashion post?

20 Responses to “What I wore this week”

  1. Teri Says:

    I think you have a great style. Clever post!

  2. heodeza Says:

    Oh, how nice to see you again on a what I wore this week post!

    And man, you look amazing! No one could ever tell you had a baby not so long ago!

  3. lins Says:

    How do you get these mirror shots to turn out so well? I was just telling my daughter wide-leg jeans are in again–I don’t think she believed me! I love all your outfits; the tall boots are really cute especially with the green tights and dress.

  4. Alice Says:

    I really love the dress on Monday and the striped shirt on Tuesday!

    Ah! I would love to do another guest outfit post, if possible! It was so fun. :)

  5. lina Says:

    yay! you are back!

  6. ohhhappy Says:

    Dejligt med et outfit-post igen! Tror altså, jeg må ha’ fat i sådan en fugle-broche (den fra mandagen)…

  7. Jenny Says:

    I love, love, love wednesdays outfit!

  8. Saskia Says:

    Great! I love the Thursday-dress!!

  9. Sanne Says:

    I LOVE your green dress! You look amazing with these brown boots!

  10. ulla Says:

    Love love love. Især din torsdagskjole..århh suk, jeg er forelsket!

  11. Lea Says:

    come on, brinja: how long did you breast-feed vilja? your body is in an amazing shape! what did you do for that? i really want to know, as i’m pregnant right now…

  12. tinalila Says:

    Thursday dress is so lovely <3 and so are you ;-)

  13. Maria Ana Says:

    I adore Tuesday :)
    Monday and Thursday are also great!


  14. Louise Says:

    I absolutely love your style! I can’t decide on which outfit I like the most because they are all great.

  15. Suzanne Says:

    Yay!!! I missed this post so much, I’m so glad you’re doing it again. You have the best style!

  16. nadja Says:

    Stilig dame!!!!

  17. Kristina Says:

    Great stiling, my favourite is Wednesday!

  18. brinja Says:

    Lea: Thanks :-)… I really didn’t do much. When I was pregnant I couldn’t imagine to ever come ‘back where I were’, but it happent before I even noticed it… I breast feedet Vilja for six months.
    Congrats on your belly, how wonderful :-)

  19. Sisse-Sofie Says:

    den grønne kjole er altså bare latterligt smuk! du ligner en elverprinsesse!

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