Thank you so much…

March 2, 2011

for all your sweet comments on the previous post. Having a place like this to work is a big wish for me to come true. Cheers to new beginnings!

14 Responses to “Thank you so much…”

  1. Svenja Says:

    I totally missed the previous post! However I want to leave my congratulations here! :)
    I am looking forward to seeing how this place looks like when it is finished.

  2. Your workspace looks fantastic!!!
    love your house too…..
    Hope thefever is gone!

    Nice to meet you!

  3. dayle Says:

    that is brilliant…i love that you have found yourself a space like this & just across the road!! awesome have fun playing new office. dayle

  4. nikaela Says:

    good luck with your new space! congrats. xx

  5. Sus Says:

    Har brugt de sidste par dage på at gå gennem din blog :) Det har været en Fantastisk rejse, og spændende udvikling af Jeres Liv. Tillykke med Jeres datter og dit nye kontor. Jeg glæder mig til at besøge din butik en dag :) ..og jeg vil nyde at følge din blog i Fremtiden :)
    Lys Sus

  6. Annika Says:

    Jeg har lige opdaget din blog og er meget begejstret! Det er fantastisk at se din sprudlende kreativitet og lade sig inspirere. Glæder mig til også at besøge din butik. God weekend!

  7. lins Says:

    I’m curious what the office was before.

  8. Teri Says:

    How fun to get to decorate a new workspace. You have great style. Can’t wait to see how it looks. Happy Weekend!

  9. Keatley&Co. Says:

    Wow this mannequin looks great! Is it vintage?

  10. brinja Says:

    Keatley&Co.: Yes it’s vintage, but not as vintage as it looks. I think it’s from the 80’ties.

  11. brinja Says:

    Lins: I have had a workshop in the back of the shop for five years, but when I had Vilja I brought most of my machines and stuff home. Now we are really happy to get our dining-room table back now :) Gosh all those materials takes some space…. :)

  12. brinja Says:

    Annika: Ihh en dejlig kommentar at få. Tusind tak :)

  13. brinja Says:

    Sus: Fedt :) tusind tak!

  14. Oh my God! I love that mannequin – I wish I had one too.

    Have a great weekend,

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