March 8, 2011

My gosh I have great blog-readers. Makes me so happy to read through your sweet comments. Thanks for all your well wishes.Vilja feels much better now but she is still tired and a bit cranky.

I’m happy to inform you that Gitte won the competition -all because of you -I’m sure! Isn’t that great?

6 Responses to “Tuesday”

  1. Maria Ana Says:

    I am glad everyone is feeling better :)
    And congratulations on your office/atelier!!


  2. Emily Says:

    So glad the little one is feeling better :)

  3. Glad your daughter is feeling better- ah! your ‘mini world’ is an absolute delight!

  4. Aditha Says:

    Your blog is definitely one of the sweetest blog I like to visit !

  5. sigga Says:

    Tilllykke til Gitte.

  6. Mijbil Says:

    Ok, it took me a while to understand that this was actually a blog about miniatures.. your sets are so realistic! :D
    Greetings from Venice, Italy

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