March 28, 2011

14 Responses to “Workplace”

  1. Det ser bare SÅ inspirerende ud. Ikke noget bedre end en god arbejdplads;-)

  2. heodeza Says:

    What a cool spot!

  3. Justine Rebecca Says:

    i love all the ribbon colours!

  4. Sus Says:

    Wow, I må plusli ha’ så meget plads i lejligheden :)
    Men det ser skønt ud, håber du nyder din nye “arbejdsplads” :)

  5. gggeeske Says:

    When do you sleep? Or don’t you at all? Even though, your pictures make me happy. Sometimes it Seems the sun is always shining there! Can’t wait to see the Next one, i’m going to sleep now, bye bye.

  6. nadja Says:

    Jeg elsker det røffe preget i eksteriøret kombinert med delikate bånd i de fineste farger!

  7. Meg Says:

    Girl! this is beautiful! I would love to do a huge feature on your studio on our site. Would you be interested? Shoot me an email if you are. Oh this is just so pretty!

  8. sigga Says:

    Ser så fint ud, får lyst til at “lege” med.

  9. Beatrijs Says:

    I love that magic Ipad playing hide and seek in the middle ;)

  10. OH WOW! looks great! Happy place and full of creative flow!

  11. Rikke Says:

    Hvor ser det altså bare skønt ud! Håber du med tiden poster flere billeder af dit nye kreative sted :)

  12. Maja Says:

    nice ! Can i come and hang out with you and make some really cute things? :D

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