What Olivia wore this week

April 2, 2011

Olivia here is 9years old. She lives in a small town near Hannover, Germany.

Wednesday is ´sports day´ and the Monday hat and belt is handmade by her mum.

Don’t you just love these pictures?

10 Responses to “What Olivia wore this week”

  1. Mejse Says:

    Herligt :)

  2. Oh Olivia!!! So so cute. I love a little girl with style. Happy day.

  3. lins Says:

    Yes, I love them! She and her outfits are adorable!!!!! I admit I was feeling quite down, but seeing Olivia’s sweet smile and outfits has quite cheered me. <3 (I think what we wear can cheer people, don't you?)

  4. Kathrin Says:

    Why do you know her? She hasn’t a blog, has she? I also come from a small town near Hannover, i want to know more!! (:

  5. greenlaundry Says:

    one cool kid! thursday & friday are super stylin’.

  6. brinja Says:

    Kathrin: No unfortunately she hasn’t got a blog -not yet anyway! I only know her trough the internet :)
    Maybe we should stay in the Hannover theme, and you could be next weeks fashion-post?

  7. brinja Says:

    Lins: I agree! -Working with these pictures was pure happy-therapy for me:)

  8. sigga Says:

    Hvor er hun fin:-)

  9. Emily Says:

    She looks great! Good on you, Olivia!

  10. charlotte Says:

    Such a nice blog! I’ll be back!

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