April 6, 2011

1: Boxes in the shop.

2: We are all about the birthdays in our family these days; yesterday was cousin Aprils first birthday, and today is my sister Siggas birthday. HURRAY HURRAY HURRAY!!! (on the picture; cakes from Viljas party last Sunday)

3: A skirt I made for the shop a few days ago.

10 Responses to “1.2..3..”

  1. Pia Says:

    Vilka vackra klänningar ni har. Får man fråga vilket märke/var ni köpt dem? :-)

  2. Clair Says:

    Your blog is just beautiful.

  3. amanda jane Says:

    Ah! This looks like so much fun…and those dresses in the birthday shot? amazing.

  4. ohhhappy Says:

    Hold da op, de kager ser gode ud!
    Tillykke med fødseldagsbørnene!

  5. keks Says:

    Yummyyy…the cakes and the dresses look amazing!!! :)

  6. sigga Says:

    Tak søde Brinja.

  7. brinja Says:

    Pia: Tusind tak. Begge kjoler er købt vintage :)

  8. tatì Says:

    I love all these colors !!! everything looks so funny an yummy! :))

  9. Maria Ana Says:

    happy birthdayS :)

  10. lins Says:

    love the flags, such a nice custom

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