A day at home

April 12, 2011

I’m working at our dining room table today, just like I did before the workshop. Vilja was not feeling well when she woke up this morning, so we are having a quiet day at home. Vilja sleeping, mummy working -good times.

All webshop orders from today and yesterday will be off this afternoon!

Ps: My screensaver is found here!

10 Responses to “A day at home”

  1. kawaiicph Says:

    Hi Brinja
    love the screensaver :D Are they magnets the coloured round ones on the blackboard? Or did you make them? Would love some of my own. Hope Vilja is feeling better.

  2. Maria Ana Says:

    I hope she feels better soon:)

  3. amanda jane Says:

    awesome…just downloaded it! Thanks!

  4. I love seeing your home, such great pops of colour and style. An inspiration. Your blog is always one of the first I read! Lou x p.s. just downloaded the screensaver at work!

  5. Saskia Says:

    Oh, I hope Vilja is already feeling better! Thanks for the screensaver. :)

  6. charlotte Says:

    Love your house!!!! REALY BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  7. Katrine Ny Says:

    God bedring til Vilja!
    Har du selv syet “gulvtæppet” under Viljas stol? I så fald, hvor har du fundet stoffet? (Gætter på det er noget voksdug-agtigt noget?) Har selv brug for et nemlig, vores nuværende er alt for småt. Olivia kan kaste sin mad meget langt væk!!! :)

  8. saarah Says:

    love your kitchen table!

  9. brinja Says:

    Katrine Ny: Hej Katrine, det er bare et stykke voksdug (fra butikken) ikke syet nogen steder eller noget :) Vi havde også et, der meget hurtigt blev ALT for småt. Det her virker rigtig fint!

  10. brinja Says:

    kawaiicph: Hi there :) they are´handles´ you know for hangers or coats. Vilja uses them to climb up from the floor :).
    I ordered them for my shop, but I found the quality not good enough and returned them. You can find them here if you are still interested: http://www.hoghshoppen.dk/shop/speedtsberg-knag-stor-927p.html

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