Hi Dutch people!

April 18, 2011

Somebody told me I have a great deal of readers from the Netherlands! Could you guys say ´hi´? -just for the fun of it…

108 Responses to “Hi Dutch people!”

  1. anna Says:

    Yes I noticed that too, greetings from a dutchie :)

  2. Dionne Says:

    uit Nederland de hartelijke groeten!

    Hi, best wishes from the Neterlands.

  3. Dionne Says:

    Netherlands of course. I hope my translation in the card was better than this:).

  4. Keatley&Co. Says:

    Hi from Amsterdam!

  5. Els Says:

    Yeah here another one from Den Haag.

  6. Marthe Says:

    Hi from the Netherlands as well.

    Your blog was named a while ago (about a year or so) in a small national news paper, maybe that’s why ;)

  7. Maaike Says:

    Hi from The Hague! Love your pictures.

  8. A Dutch reader Says:

    Hello Brinja,

    Every day I read your blog with much pleasure. I enjoy your little stories and beautiful pictures!
    I was attended to your blog by a famous Dutch columnist called Aaf Brandt Corstius, who wrote a column about you in the Dutch paper ‘nrc.next’ a while ago.
    I became very curious and had to take a look at your blog and now you have a new fan! ;-)
    I’ll send you the link of the article, it’s in Dutch but maybe you can translate it in Danish!
    Here it is, from March 23 last year: http://www.nrcnext.nl/columnisten/2010/03/23/ik-ben-inmiddels-behoorlijk-geinvolveerd-in-haar-leven/
    I hope you like it!

    Greetings from a Dutch reader

  9. Kipdelek Says:

    Proud to say ‘hi’ from Deventer, The Netherlands :)

  10. Marieke Says:

    Hi from Arnhem!

  11. Alexandra Says:

    Hi from Amsterdam!

  12. Marleen Says:

    Hellooo from Utrecht, Netherlands!

  13. Dieuwy Says:

    Hi from Utrecht!

  14. heodeza Says:

    Hi Brinja!
    I’m not Dutch but I do check your blog daily from the Netherlands… from the very very south, in Maastricht!

  15. Dieuwy Says:

    By the way, I think I know where your Dutch readers come from.. (Anyway, this is how I know about you)

    One of my favourite writers of a daily column in a national newspaper once wrote about you.

    I included a link to the article, you can translate it in Google.



  16. Anna Says:


  17. Martine Says:

    Hi Brinja,

    Nice blog you have! Everyday i take a peek.
    Greetings from Nieuwegein, Netherlands

  18. Saskia Says:

    Hi! I’m dutch too and I read the same column as Dieuwy. Since that day I look at your blog at least five times a week. I really love everything of it, especially the interior of your house (my boyfriend also loves it), all the things you make and of course your adorable daughter. And I like the clothes you wear!
    Bye :-)

  19. Loe Says:

    And another ‘hi’ from the Netherlands :-)

  20. Marieke Says:

    Hi from Groningen in the north of the Netherlands!

  21. Suzan Says:

    Hi from Eindhoven, the Netherlands ;)

  22. Mandy Says:

    Hi Brinja! Love your Blog :) I also got to know about your blog through the daily column Dieuwy mentioned. Greetings from Harderwijk! :D

  23. shara Says:

    hi from amsterdam!
    best wishes,
    shara & daughter mia

  24. Hiskia Says:

    ‘Hi’ from a Dutchie living in Switzerland :-)

  25. marjablogt Says:

    Hi! I am a Dutch reader living in Berlin and started following you after Aafs daily column as well.

  26. Lyn Says:

    Hi from Leiden!

  27. Adriana Says:

    Hellow, I really like this Blog, specially the-after-weekend-posts :)
    A friend of mine tipped me about you’re blog.

    Groeten uit Rotterdam

  28. Simone Says:

    Another Dutchie here…
    Love Copenhagen and love your blog.

  29. Eliza Says:

    Same story for me, it was Aaf Brandt Corstius gushing about your blog that got me here. (Today by the way, though she wrote about you over a year ago).

    Greetings from Leiden, or DOEI!

  30. Aditha Says:

    Hi… from Paris, France ! I’m not much from Netherlands but couldn’t resist to say “hi” ! :-)

  31. arianne Says:

    hello Brinja,

    Yes the netherlands Groningen, the north
    I love your Blog

  32. Hallo, dag Brinja ! In Belgium, we have 3 official languages : Dutch, French and German !

  33. Erin Says:

    Hallo en groetjes uit Maastricht, Nederland.

  34. Andriesa Says:

    Hi Brinja,
    another Dutch reader here! Two of my sisters read your blog as well as far as I know, so I’m waiting for them to add to your list of Dutchies. ;)
    Greetings from Utrecht!

  35. Esther Says:

    From the Netherlands, I check your website frequently, because it’s so inspiring (and besides that, just some cosy mothersstuff, my babyboy is just as old as your girl…). Are you already shipping your products to the Netherlands?

  36. mooddot Says:

    Hi! From Amsterdam!

  37. Anna Says:

    Greetings from Maastricht!

  38. followaafke Says:

    Hi, I also follow you thanks to Aaf. My former favorite blog camembertmetpindakaas.nl (beautiful pictures too) stopped, so I was glad to catch a new one. Like it!

  39. Marijke Says:

    Groet uit Groningen.

  40. Juultje Says:

    Since all of my fellow Dutchies said hi already i tought i’d give it a go as well! Hi from Den Bosch!


  41. Carien Says:


  42. Annemarie Says:

    Hoi Brinja! Groeten uit Oost-Nederland :-).
    (greetings from the eastern part of The Netherlands (also thanks to Aaf :-))

  43. Ea Says:

    Wow Brinja. Jeg er bare fra Bryggen, men også stor fan af din blog – og butik:-)
    Jeg er meget imponeret over så mange hollandske fans. Godt gået!

  44. Janneke Says:

    Hi from Maastricht :-)
    (I spotted three readers from Maastricht! Nice!)

  45. Nienke Says:

    Hi from Deventer!!

  46. Mettine Says:

    Hoi from Amsterdam! Love your pics!

  47. Marjan Says:

    Hi from Almere :-)

  48. Pjèr Says:

    This is what Aaf wrote, or close to it anyway:

    Do you recall that in 2008 everybody had a weblog? It was ridiculously timeconsuming of course, and that’s why there are so many weblogs running dry, and abrubtly ending in musings on fruit-drinks or a picture of a comic trafic sign from Poland … not to be continued.
    Twitter seems so much more convenient, because all you have to do, is to write cryptic messages as ‘@brinjah yeah, and what about that umbrella!’, and with that you’ll participate in an important global movement.
    However clumsy the remaining weblogs may seem nowadays, I still like to follow a few of them.
    Right now I’m completely addicted to Brinja’s Blog, a woman from Kopenhagen who I don’t know personally. I do not recall how I ended up on het blog, but in the meantime I have become fairly involved in her daily life.
    Brinja is about my age, but that is where comparisons end. Brinja has her own shop, for which she makes clothing and hair ribbons. At home she works on a perfect model of her appartment, furniture and all. And she has a boyfriend called Anders, a baby under way – for whom she knits socks & sweaters – and a bunch of friends with whom she often goes out to eat lovely dishes. (Her most recent post is titled“Smorrebrod)
    So, I’m deadly jealous of Brinja. Her own shop. Working on a miniversion of her own home. And Smorrebrod. That is, in a nutshell, my ideal life.
    It’s not good for me to check out her site, because I’ll see her sitting on the couch with cosy socks, knitting a babycap. Especially the pottering around is bugging me. You see, I think I have the pottering–gen in me, that’s why I’ve been in a knitting-class for years now- but actually, I have not yet completed a single sweater.
    Brinja has. And more. Very pregnant, whith a shop to run, she recently decorated storage boxes with vintage wallpaper. I wish I would do that in my scarce spare time. But I squander it by 1. Googling for an apartment 2. running on a treadmill in the gym – ah well walking, and 3. exhaustingly checking out the weblogs of Danish women.
    In that time Brinja has completed an Alvar Aalto chair for her minihome.
    Still I go and look her up. Every day. That’s where I get my shot of jealousy. We have known it for ages: Internet brings out the worst in people. Fortunately Brinja herself, is blissfully unaware of this.

  49. Jo Says:

    Hi from Hilversum, the Netherlands! I read your blog with extra interest because we livedjust around the corner of your shop for half a year, in 2010. We miss KBH, and your blog is like an antidote!

  50. Ann Says:

    Hi from Utrecht! x

  51. jala Says:

    Liefs uit Amsterdam, x

  52. Birte Says:

    Hej Brinja

    Solstrålehilsener fra Amsterdam!

  53. Gloriagj Says:

    But from Spain! :)

  54. Erika Says:

    Hoi Brinja,
    Your blog makes me smile!
    Liefs uit Waalwijk

  55. Tineke Says:

    Hi from Denmark as well, but I am very Dutch :)

  56. Lies Says:

    Hallo Brinja, groetjes uit de Achterhoek!

  57. Merel Says:

    Hi Brinja! Fun experiment to say hi to the dutch…. Wondering how much respons you’ll have…!
    Groetjes uit Zeeland, south-west:-)

  58. lins Says:

    Hi, Den Haag people! My daughter is there, so part of my heart is, too. I hope to visit soon! Happy Dutch-America Friendship Day today!

  59. mette Says:

    Hi from Amsterdam!

  60. Annemiek Says:

    Hi from Groningen !

  61. Cleo Says:

    Hi from Maastricht!

  62. Martha Says:

    Hello from Amsterdam!! I’ll come by one day when visiting Kopenhagen! Love your blog xx

  63. Ellen Says:

    Hi from Gouda!

    I also read your blog because of the column by Aaf Brandt Corstius. :) x

  64. Ellen Says:

    Hej Brinja! Jeg tror det er fordi en pige, som skriver for et stort avis her i Holland, skrev at din website var hendes favorite site… Det er alligevel sådan at jeg har fundet dig :-)

  65. gggeeske Says:

    Another hi, from Rotterdam. I swing a little but only hooked on you ; )!

  66. Maartje Says:


  67. Femke Says:

    Hi from Leiden and thanks to Aaf for mentioning your blog!

  68. Kiki Says:

    Hi from Nijmegen, love to follow your daily life ;)

  69. Nicole Says:

    Hoi Brinja! Hollandse groeten.x

  70. Susan Says:


    I’m a Dutch girl living in Stockholm. For a couple of weeks ago I spend a weekend in Kopenhagen. I noticed that the design was quite like the Dutch one. All the colors, dots, flowers etc were very simular to Dutch taste. And of course all the (decorated) bikes! So that may be why you have so many Dutch followers.

  71. Jet Says:

    Hi,from Haarlem. I folow your blog since last week when I red about it in a colum from Aaf Brandt Cortius in the newwpaper ‘de Volkskrant’ Nice blog!

  72. Renske Says:

    Hej fra Amsterdam! Elsker din blog. :)

  73. Dionne Says:

    Again “Hi!” from an extremely happy reader! Love the necklace!

  74. Octavie Says:

    Hoi! Hier ook een Nederlandse meelezer:) Groetjes!

  75. Iris Vank Says:

    A very sincere ‘hi!’ from Den Bosch!

    (I didn’t find you through the column others write about, just arrived here linking from one beautiful blog to another.)

  76. Daniëlle Says:

    Hi! Another one ;)

  77. Kerrera Says:

    Hello from Amsterdam!!!

  78. lins Says:

    Gouda, omg, I love gouda. To live in Gouda and eat gouda would be a dream.

  79. Elseline Says:

    Hello from Utrecht!
    Been following your blog since the column of Aaf (also mentioned in the comments on this page). Yours is the only blog I read.
    Simply adore your blog, shop, house etc. So creative and full of color!

  80. Katie Says:

    hello i am of dutch descent ,hee
    your blog really brightened my world.

  81. brinja Says:

    Pjèr: Thanks so much for the translation -how very sweet of you! It was so fun for me to read.

  82. brinja Says:

    Esther: HI :) Yep I ship to the Netherlands as well. Have a great day. B

  83. Conny Says:

    Hi from sunny the Hague

  84. Maud Says:

    Hi Brinja, hello from Utrecht, it’s lovely to visit your ‘visual life’ every now and then… I discoverd your blog via a column in the dutch newspaper, it’s written by Aff Brandt Cortius. Well, I guess you know this already.
    Have a happy Easter, I hope to visit your shop one day! xxx Maud

  85. Franca Says:

    Hallo, Groetjes uit het zonnige Brabant!

  86. Caroline Says:

    Hi from Amsterdam! Love your blog and would love to visit your shop one day!

  87. ingrid Says:

    Hoi Brinja,
    I visit your blog very often and I like the way you live your life. Love your creativity!
    Ingrid (Amsterdam)

  88. Jeanne Says:

    And a late ´hi´ from another Dutch reader.
    I have been a lurker for ages and now is the time to come out of the closet. ;)

  89. Misja Says:


  90. sergio Says:

    hi everyone i would like to know if there is a special place when those special people ;-) (holland) go out in københavn…or maybe a kind of association … thank you

  91. Guido Says:


  92. Kirsten Says:

    Hi from Delft! :)

  93. Marleen Says:

    Hi from Gouda!

  94. annuhmiek Says:

    Hi from groningen! Luv ur blog!

  95. Beatrijs Says:

    Hej Brinja,

    A bit late, but again from Groningen: HI! Can’t wait to see you and you’re shop in real life in october. So nice to have a small eye on the wonderful Scandinavian way of living every day.


  96. Mo Says:

    Hi Brinja,
    I love your pictures, stories and lifestyle.
    It’s like reading a small magazin.
    xx Mo
    The Netherlands

  97. Pjèr Says:

    You’re welcome. See it as a favour returned.
    I so enjoy your blog, camera-work & the effort you put into it all.

  98. Merel Says:

    Hallo! Love your blog. Greetings from Den Haag!

  99. inge Says:

    HI! And….

    Yeah! I’m number 100 whahaha!
    I looooooooooove your blog and I when I ever come visit copenhagen, I’ll be sure to stop by your shop!

    Greetings from Gramsbergen (the very east of holland!)

  100. BookLoveCookies Says:

    Sure! Hi!

  101. floor Says:

    Hoi! vanuit Utrecht!

  102. Eveline Says:

    Hi, from Bilthoven

  103. Willemijn Says:

    Hi, from Enschede! I love your blog!

  104. Hanneke Says:

    I lost my bookmark to your blog a while ago, had forgotten your name (never heard the name Brinja before). Just searched for Aaf’s column, so now I’m back. I really enjoy your photo’s.

  105. Jorges Says:

    Hej! It seems an article in some newspaper lead to this interest. I have been in copenhagen and other parts of Denmark. Funny that Denmark from all perspectives is so similar to us (even the bloody weather), I’d say much more than any other country including Belgium, but there are no real historical corrections. But then again The Netherlands seems like a loose part of Scandinavia anyway..
    Even Danish is an easy read (well, with some effort)…Strange.

    Anyways: hej again from Middelburg, NL of course

  106. Chantal Says:

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  107. Maartje Says:

    Groetjes uit Amerongen!

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