Summer suit

April 22, 2011

There was a stack of beautiful handknitted clothes at my parents house on Samsø, just waiting to be picked up. ´Granny O ´ has been knitting clothes for Vilja and cousin April since before they where even born.

I love love love it!

She knits all kind of different things; cardigans, vests, hats and suits -like this one. But she never knits the same thing twice. So when Sigga and I get a pile of beautiful new clothing, we divide it into Vilja and April piles.

This suit had Vilja wridden all over it! (The buttons are from my shop)

13 Responses to “Summer suit”

  1. Tine Says:

    Soooo cute!

  2. mandy Says:

    The suit looks so sweet! Vilja will look fatastic in her new suit :) You should sell baby/childrens knits in your shop!

  3. sigga Says:

    Smukt, Vilja kan snart selv tage tøj på hva!

  4. Svenja Says:

    It is very cute and I totally love the third picture! :)

  5. Ida Says:

    Super sødt! Mon vi må resten af strikke kollektionen? :-)

  6. Char Says:

    She seems to love it too…it`s SO sweet…I know if my Farmor was still here…she would be making things for our girls!
    P.S.Happy easter!

  7. lins Says:

    So much love in every stitch…

  8. Laura Says:

    where’s your blogroll?

  9. brinja Says:

    Laura: Blogroll will be back soon, I am trying to find time to update it.

  10. MaddieFloo Says:

    This is so cute! I wish do something like that…All your blog is just amazing :)
    Happy Easter!

  11. Sara Says:

    Hvor er det dog en skøn dragt.

  12. Merel Says:

    Oh, those buttons… so cute! Hopefully it will be a long cold summer ;-)

  13. Laura Says:

    nice, thanks I really love everything in your page.

    regrets from Argentina!

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