May 1, 2011

Spring is all over Copenhagen and after a long and cold winter the “copenhegeners” are enjoying the wonderful harbour area (Islands Brygge) where my shop is located. A sweet neighbour to the shop took these photos from her balcony, what a view. The blooming cherrytrees tells me that the warm weather is here for a long time.

11 Responses to “Bryggen”

  1. Maria Ana Says:

    I really need to go to Copenhagen…

  2. dayle Says:

    spring in copenhagen looks glorious! i also like your lunch brown paper bags from your prev post…your packaging is so wonderful as opposed to flimsy plastic bags that many stores in aust give…i try to take my hessian wherever i go. dayle

  3. Marhya Says:

    Oh, it´s beautifoul!!!!!

    Excuse me for my poor english and greetings from Spain.


  4. Anna Emilia Says:

    What pretty shadows, and colors growing from them.

    Happy May!

  5. Bianca Says:

    I will come and see with my own eyes how beautiful! I’ll visit Copenhagen wednesday myself with my daughter..can’t wait!

    Greetz from Holland!

  6. Saskia Says:

    The first picture is wonderful!

  7. amanda jane Says:

    I love that photo taken from above…such a cute idea.

  8. Nina Says:

    Yay that’s my beloved Bryggen!

    Think I have to pop by the shop later and have a look at what new stuff you’ve got…

  9. maria Says:

    just lovely!

  10. I hope that it will stay warm for some time because in 3 weeks we will be visiting Copenhagen ( and your shop off course )!! Looking very forward to it. If you have any suggestions, cafés, shops, places we definitely need to see, let us know! Enjoy the rest of the weekend…

  11. brinja Says:

    Our Strange Nature: Oh, how exciting!!! I will write you an e-mail soon :)

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