6 years!

May 5, 2011

My shop is 6 years old today

26 Responses to “6 years!”

  1. Ida Says:

    Hip hip hurra og et stort tillykke!! :-D

  2. Edmée Says:

    all the best! I hope I will come to CPH and visit your shop this year :))

  3. ne Says:

    åh – så skulle jeg jo have sagt tillykke…

  4. Miri Says:

    happy birthday shop!

  5. Birthe Says:

    Tillykke Brinja! Det ser ud som du har mange fine ting som altid – jeg må snart forbi!

  6. audiofille Says:

    Happy Birthday!

  7. ameskeria Says:

    congrats! it seems to be a lovely shop.
    I love Rice’s stuff ;)

  8. Happy 6 years! So great. I think one day I will come visit you. I will make it a goal in fact!

  9. oh wow!! congratulations!! i’m impressed!

  10. Lisa Says:


  11. Gourmet Says:

    Congratulations from me to! I just love your style and your shop is awsome!

  12. kawaiicph Says:

    Tillykke, jeg må snart ned og se ^_^

  13. nico Says:

    Congratulation, your shop looks very nice, happy weekend

  14. Simone Says:

    Isn’t it absolutely wonderful to do exactly what you love in life and be successful !!?
    Your pictures show a wonderful style and I think your shop is simply great!!!

  15. Suzy Says:

    Dear Brinja,I fell in love with your blog a year ago.Thank you for existing.Happy shop-aniversary!Your fan from Italy.

  16. dayle Says:

    imagine all the joy you have brought to your customers over those 6yrs…here is to another 6yrs for you & your gorgeous shop!

  17. Birte Says:


  18. sigga Says:

    Hvor er det bare flot, jeg er stolt af dig søs!!!
    Godt gået:-)

  19. dancingbeastie Says:

    Tillykke/ Congratulations! Next time I visit Copenhagen I hope to come and see your cheerful shop.

  20. Niina Says:

    Next time when I visit Copenhagen I want to visit also your lovely shop ♥

    Couple of weeks ago, I was there, but I didn’t have enough time :)

  21. Marhya Says:

    Happy Birthday!!

  22. Ewa Says:

    Congrats ! I haven’t been in your shop, I would love to visit, so I need to plan visit Copenhagen. At the moment I can watch your blog, which I enjoy.

  23. Justine Rebecca Says:

    happy birthday to your shop! one day i’ll make a trip from canada to denmark and see it myself. its on my bucketlist ;)

  24. nikaela Says:

    happy birthday ms. shop! x

  25. lottilou Says:

    Congratulation! Love your shop!

  26. Merel Says:

    Congratulations to you and your shop! You’ve done a great job taking care of your own buisness for all those years and still showing your enthousiasm on your blog!

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