Bye bye Samsø -hello workshop

June 13, 2011

All rested out and ready for a new week to begin. The sun is shining in Copenhagen and the summer feeling is just perfect.

We are invited for a birthday dinner with Viljas second set of grandparents today (Anders dads birthday) lucky us!

See you soon…

3 Responses to “Bye bye Samsø -hello workshop”

  1. Niina Says:

    Hello You in that lovely city of Copenhagen !
    Did you know that vilja = korn … in finnish language ? ♥
    We also have the name Vilja here in Finland, but it means korn also ! Or cereal, grain … in english.

    Vilja is so lovely ♥ And your blog !

  2. brinja Says:

    Niina: Hi you :) I was told that Vilja was originally a Finnish name (It’s not common in Denmark) -and that it means korn. But I didn’t know until after she was named. Thanks for your sweet comment!

  3. heodeza Says:

    Pretty colours….!

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