Simple simple

June 24, 2011

10 Responses to “Simple simple”

  1. Katrine Ny Says:

    Wauw, SÅ fine! Især den du selv har taget på – er vild med farvekombinationen i den.

  2. Malene Says:

    Simple men smukke.

  3. Amanda Jane Says:

    beautiful! really truly!

  4. sigga Says:

    I like

  5. I love those. So great! Have a wonderful weekend! Teri

  6. dionne Says:

    Like! Lovely and simple and pure.

  7. Svanna Says:

    fine fine fine…

  8. Kasia Says:

    I love the necklace at the first picture! The composition of colors is just perfect! :)

  9. […] The necklaces I made for the shop last week are already gone. New ones are on the way… […]

  10. […] was up half the night adding 9 of these necklaces to the webshop. All summer I have been making them for the real life shop, but they only seem to […]

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