Sale starts tomorrow

June 29, 2011

At 11.00  AM!!!

Just like in the old days, Anders and I have had a whole (childless) night together working in the shop, I love that! -we have been marking things down big time.

Stop by and say hi!

7 Responses to “Sale starts tomorrow”

  1. Maria Ana Says:

    I wish I could :D

  2. Svenja Says:

    If I was in Copenhagen I definitally would stop by! :)

  3. Bettina Skrubbeltrang Says:

    Hej Brinja,
    Jeg har først for nylig “opdaget” din blog. Den er super hyggelig og din butik er helt fantastisk. Jeg kigger helt sikkert ind næste gang, jeg er i KBH.
    MVH Bettina

  4. Milla Says:

    How I wish I could just stop by and say “Hi, I’m your blog reader.” That would be fantastic. I think I’m able to come by once I’ve finished my studies! Looking forward to it!

  5. Marjan Says:

    I can imagine sale has a different meaning for a shop owner then for a client. Do you like sale? I mean, isn’t it kind of hard to sell stuf cheaper then it was meant to be?

  6. brinja Says:

    Bettina Skrubbeltrang: Hej hej, velkommen til :-) husk at sige du læser med på bloggen hvis du køber noget i butikken. Så får du lidt blog-rabat.

    Marjan: You are very right -it’s harsh to sell things on sale because I don’t make much of a profit. But I try to focus on the great feeling of getting things tidied up -and make room for new fabulous stuff!

  7. isabelle Says:

    looks beautiful as always…wishing i could be in copenhagen for the weekend…

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