Yay yay yay…

June 30, 2011

Anders vacation has begun which means we can have long breakfasts together much more often -YAY!

Oh and the first day of sale has been a great success -again YAY!!!

By the way; any Hamburg or Harzen travel tips?

13 Responses to “Yay yay yay…”

  1. irene Says:

    this breakfast looks so good :) enjoy!

  2. fru sommer Says:

    dejligt billede af din ferierende mand !

  3. Urte Hermann Says:

    hej brinja, what kind of tips would you like? we live in hamburg, my boyfriend´s father lives in the harz, so I would be glad to help you! all the best from hamburg, urte

  4. nora Says:

    dear Brinja,
    for Hamburg I highly recommand you a llittle boat trip, beginning from the “Liebesinsel” (“island of love”) in the big city park (“Stadtpark”) in Winterhude. You borrow a little boat of your choice (canoe or the safer padle boat) and the you go! You have a beautiful view of the city, you can even ‘drive’ to the inner city (Binnenalster). Meanwhile you should stop at the Café Canale where you can buy fresh cake and coffe at their back door right from your boat. It’s just amazing and a fun little trip I did with every friend visiting Hamburg.
    greetings from germany, nora.

  5. Nadine Says:

    oh, in Hamburg, you should absolutely go to Cafe Herr Max, Schulterblatt 12 , http://www.herrmax.de … it is so nice, great cakes! Definitely go to the quarter called “Schanzenviertel” – there are a lot of beautiful shops and cafes, for example “Die Wohngeschwister”, Schanzenstraße 34-36 (it´s in the backyard), a huge shop with furniture and living accessoires. There is also a nice fleamarket, I think on Saturdays in the Schanzenviertel, just ask for the way, I don´t know the exact adress. Marktstrasse is also a nica street for second hand shopping and good food.
    And of course the whole area around the harbour and the old “Speicherstadt” is beautiful! Have a nice trip…. and come to Berlin – it is great :)
    Greets from Berlin*

  6. bieb Says:

    Great blog, your breakie out looks fantastic!!
    Greetz from Amsterdam

  7. Eef Says:

    we had dinner at Zum Alten Senator in Hamburg. Delicious! Hamburg is a nice city!


  8. oh hamburg has a lot to offer!
    nice little cafés like Herr Max http://www.herrmax.de/ or cafe johanna http://www.cafejohanna.de/
    or how about a ferry boat trip round the elbe (elbstrand – teufelsbrück)?
    I think you maybe entjoy the districts Schanze/Eimsbüttel, St. Pauli and Ottensen/Altona

  9. Svenja Says:

    You definitally have to eat cake at “Herr Max”! Another nice place for having coffee ist “Don’t tell Mama” in St.Pauli and I also really like “Café Panther” oh and of course “Café Paris”.

  10. brinja Says:

    All: Thank you very much for all your tips! I look forward to visit Hamburg soon and visit some of these places. I’ll let you know more :-)

    bieb: Hi hi, thanks :)

    Nadine: HI, I will most definitely visit Berlin too very soon :-)

    Urte Hermann: Thank you so much! We have already gotten so many tips now, but I might write you an e mail later on with a few questions. It’s very sweet of you to help us out, thanks again.

  11. Tanja Says:

    Hi Brinja,

    I highly recommend to go to “Strandperle” in Altona, where you can sit on the beach with a beer or a glass of wine and watch the ships go by on the river Elbe. It has a great and relaxed atmosphere and it’s nice any time of the day. Also, if you take Vilja, she can play in the sand with loads of other kids.
    Also recommended: Schanze (there’s a great kid’s store on Schulterblatt: “Wohngeschwisterchen”), Marktstraße (Karoviertel), Ottensen, St. Pauli.
    Hope you will enjoy you trip!

  12. brinja Says:

    Tanja: Yay, how great! -sounds like us :-) thanks!

  13. Trixi Says:

    Oh, I see you already got a lot of tips.
    I live in Hamburg and if you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to ask!
    (I already made a little list for a friend, I could send it to you, if you’d like.)

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