July 3, 2011

1:Breakfast with Anders at his first day of vacation. 2: Forest friends (diy paper fun) and dog pencil cases from the shop. 3: Home made pizza with rocket salad and chorizo. 4: At the playground with cousin April and aunt Sigga (April wearing jeans)

8 Responses to “Summertime”

  1. Merel Says:

    Looks like a pretty happy weekend. Wish it could be a long endless summer this year! (and oh, the animals are cute….!)

  2. Home-made Pizza – wonderful. So simply, so tasty.

  3. // svanna Says:

    Skydebane playground is such a great place and Nikolina Floras favorite :o)

  4. sigga Says:

    Der var jeg:-)

  5. gracia Says:

    Makes me long for long summer days… have fun.

  6. ellen Says:

    Wishing you a lovely summer — these pictures all glow with the brightness and cheeriness of the season. : ) Also, your necklaces are charming! : ) ellen

  7. Kristina Says:

    great pictures!! and the picture looks super delicious! :)

  8. Simone Says:

    Rigtig fine billeder. Den pizza ser god ud! (:
    Fin blog du har dig.


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