Road trippin

July 10, 2011

Anders and I are bike people -we don’t own a car (I don’t even own a drivers licence) but when we need a car for business or we fell the urge to go on a road trip; we rent one.

Our recent German adventures were by car. We arrived home yesterday and have been gone for a week.  Tomorrow I will show you some more vacation pics.

14 Responses to “Road trippin”

  1. sigga Says:

    Det ser hyggeligt ud. Vi glæder os meget til i morgen.

  2. Michaela Says:

    How funny what you wrote. I got my car license when I was 32 years old, 4 months pregnant (of twins), when I passed the exam and told my teacher I was expecting 2 babies…He got a shock….so it is never to late…but I even do not very like driving. Being a mum of 3, I have realized that sometimes it makes my life easier.
    Send you kind regards from Switzerland.

  3. judy Says:

    we are bike-people too. and we came home from our roadtrip through ligurien/italy on saturday :)
    but we haven’t got such nice pictures…

  4. Hanneke Says:

    How nice to read that there are others my age that don`t feel the need to own a car or drivers licence! My bike takes me anywhere I need to go and saves me a trip to the gym too! Although, roadtrips, I would love to be able to do that!

  5. Anne Says:

    Absolutely LOVE the first picture. There’s just something about pictures taken in a mirror, so you can se the photographer. Nice!

  6. Lovely family portrait!

  7. Merel Says:

    that last picture looks like fun! I remember holidays in childhood spending hours and hours on the backseat of the car, sleeping, staring, listening music and having little fights with my sisters :-)

  8. nikaela Says:

    how did you drive/rent without a licence?! :)

    can’t wait to see photos!

    happy monday!


  9. brinja Says:

    nikaela: I didn’t -Anders did! :-) Happy Monday right back at you!

  10. brinja Says:

    Michaela: I can imagine how a car makes live with three kids easier :-) There are so many cars in the part of the city where we live that it is actually faster to bike though the city than it is to drive.

  11. lins Says:

    I think you might like bike-crazy The Hague (and Holland in general.)

  12. Michaela Says:

    I actually like going around by bike. Even my children do. I sometimes need the car to drive them around to friends or relatives (most of them live up in the mountains)…but our motto is “biking and walking for the respect of our earth”.
    Honestly…driving makes me very nervous….
    Keep going with your nice blog.

  13. muriel Says:

    great family picture!

  14. lina Says:

    what a happy family photo! awww : )

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