Help me tidy up!

July 12, 2011

It’s time for me to seriously tidy things up at my stockroom so I have marked even more stuff down in the shop today (all sales items are -50%) hopefully I will soon have lots of space for all the new exciting things on the way!

5 Responses to “Help me tidy up!”

  1. Christina Says:

    Jeg vil glæde mig til at komme og hjælpe dig med at rydde butikken på vores Københavnertur om et par dage!

  2. brinja Says:

    Jubii! Fantastisk.

  3. dionne Says:

    Everytime I see pictures of your shop, I want to Copenhagen more and more.

  4. Katinka Says:

    SOMEDAY….SOMEDAY I WILL COME TO COPENHAGEN… and your shop is due ;-) just to say: lovely !

  5. Marleen Says:

    Hej Brinja! I’m from Holland and I visited your shop last week! I was in Copenhagen for a few days and I loved the shop! It was even better in real life than on the pics on your blog :)
    Love from Holland and my compliments for your lovely shop!

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