What Nicolai wore this week

July 18, 2011

This is Nicolai! He lives in Copenhagen very close to were I live. Even tough Denmark is a small country and Copenhagen even smaller, we only know each other through the WWW. He runs a blog with his girlfriend called ´denormale´.

How  about a big ´thumbs up´ to the rare occasion of a guy in a fashion week!!!

10 Responses to “What Nicolai wore this week”

  1. Jane Says:

    He looks like a NICE guy! Thumbs up Nicolai :-)

  2. Anders Says:

    Very cool and brave, happy that i´m not the only male in the”what I wore” category!

  3. Nicolai Says:

    thanks :) I will try to find 5 different shirts next time, if I will show up again in here hehe ;)
    Happy to contribute to a nice blog!

  4. Jo Says:

    It’s a nice shirt anyway, Nicolaï. However, I like the monday outfit best. Thumbs up!

  5. sigga Says:


  6. brinja Says:

    The link is working now. Sorry!!!

  7. lins Says:

    good style, bright and relaxed…looks like everything goes with everything else which is a big plus! ;-) thumbs up from the sweltering midwestern usa

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  9. maria kaas Says:

    Jeg sidder nærmest og er helt i chok nu. Du tror det er løgn med Nicolai og min kæreste Mads ligner hinanden på en prik. Mads har lige set billederne og blev sgu helt i tvivl om det var ham selv… HI HI HI

    Kh Maria

  10. brinja Says:

    Maria Kaas: Haha, hvor skægt -og mærkeligt! Det ka da være jeg skal lave en ‘mode uge’ med ham næste gang, mon ham er frisk på det?

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