July 20, 2011

If you are wondering about the uneven frequency of posts on my blog lately, it is because we are in and out of the city, having small holiday visits around Denmark. This time we have been visiting Bornholm were Anders dad is from.

16 Responses to “Bornholm”

  1. francesca Says:

    wow! looks like the caribbean! another one for the travel list.

  2. Lisa Says:

    Wow! It seems to be a lovely place!
    And your daughter facing the water is sooo cute :-)

  3. Marhya Says:

    wow! What a lovely place! Makes you want to swim, how beautiful beach to enjoy in summer.

  4. What a busy beach! I love it. It looks so clean. Have a wonderful trip. Look forward to your great pictures. Teri

  5. ohhhappy Says:

    Hvor ser det dejligt ud! Og Vilja er vildt sej i “badedragten” ;)”

  6. nikaela Says:

    busy beach!

    that looks rather heavenly!

  7. Katrine Ny Says:

    Ser skønt ud! Og det er en dejlig sommerferie stemning, der er på din blog for tiden!

  8. Sebrina Says:

    Uha det ligner jo syden! Misundelse herfra :)

  9. We were up in North Denmark recently (Skagen area) and I was amazed at how beautiful Danish beaches are, so clean with amazing white sand and clear blue sea. I had never expected that!
    Looks like you are having a lovely summer Brinja, enjoy!

  10. Jane Says:

    Pretty beach! Lovely that you are on holiday so often! :)

  11. sigga Says:

    Vidunderligt……hun er jo fantastisk hende den lille surfer-Vilja!!

  12. Merel Says:

    Great colors in your pics, love how thoses stones look! Enjoy your days off with eachother!

  13. Irene Says:

    this must be a beautiful island… love the photos!

  14. Stine Says:

    What a nice beach with clear water. I have never seen a beach like that in Denmark. I would love at trip to Bornholm. Where in Bornholm is that beach?

  15. brinja Says:

    Stine: hi, yep Bornholm is beautiful. The beach is called ´Dueodde´.

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