Back in the shop

July 23, 2011

I have been tidying up the stockroom of the shop most of today.

Our Bornholm vacation has been great but I have to admit I have missed both the shop and the workshop terribly. The sweet girls I have helping out in the shop, has done a great job while I was gone! I just can’t wait to get back to work.

7 Responses to “Back in the shop”

  1. Char Says:

    I WISH I could just pop in and say hello…I love your shop…even if I can’t smell or touch!

  2. Jenny Says:

    I love your shop! I wish I wasn’t an ocean away so I could visit!

  3. Floor Says:

    Hey Brinja,

    Im surching for a cheapflight to Kopenhagen.. but is there much to do if you are there 5 days? Do you have tips.. any cheap hostel or something..
    Im reading your blog for a long time now, and sure i want to visit your shop! I like it!

    Thanks.. X! and again groetjes uit Nederland

  4. annamaria Says:

    What fun! I would love to be there in person- it looks so gorgeous!X

  5. Hey Brinja! vi ska till köpenhamn om några dagar och brukar alltid bo på samma ställe. Har du några fina tips på var vi borde bo? Inte för dyrt, hellre speciellt :)
    Hoppas hinna förbi din butik !!

    Kram Lina

  6. brinja Says:

    Lina: Ihh hvor dejligt med en københavner tur :) Jeg sender dig en mail snarest!

  7. brinja Says:

    Floor: Hi there, thanks for your comment -I’m glad you like my blog :) I’ll send you an e-mail very soon. b

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