The end is near…

July 31, 2011

Very soon vacation time for our little family will come to an end and the real world will take over. I’m looking forward to get back to work and to (also) show you some more work, shop and workshop related photos soon.

8 Responses to “The end is near…”

  1. Marhya Says:

    Enjoy the end of the holiday, there is less for the Start of the next.
    Good day from Spain.

  2. Marie Says:

    hyggelige billeder ..
    teknisk spørgsmål: jeg følger din blog via bloglovin, men hver gang jeg klikker mig ind går den til din “contact”, så jeg skal klikke mig tilbage til forsiden – småtterier, jeg ved det – men man er vel en doven læser .. kan du fikse den?

  3. Victoria Says:

    I love the red and the white in your table ;) And the mattresses on the flor!!!

  4. ohhhappy Says:

    Fine, fine feriebilledere! Det med Anders og Vilja ved vandet er bare fantastisk!

  5. Maria Ana Says:

    Holidays always seem too short…
    Hope you’re having fun :)


  6. brinja Says:

    Marie: Hej :-) godt spørgsmål -jeg er desværre ikke helt en haj til den slags, men jeg prøver lige at tjekke op på det. Så vender jeg tilbage til dig når jeg bliver klogere!

  7. lins Says:

    Thanks for sharing your summer, Brinja!

  8. Lisa Says:

    The second picture fills my “five months pregnant heart” with tenderness! How sweet they are :-)

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