Pancake breakfast

September 14, 2011

9 Responses to “Pancake breakfast”

  1. Ida Says:

    Morgenmad af min favoritslags!

  2. kolora Says:

    That looks ever so delicious…yummie!!
    Have a nice evening!

  3. kolora Says:

    This looks delicious, yummie!!!
    Have a nice evening.

  4. CHar Says:

    mmmm, breakfast is my fave time of day.

  5. Irene Says:

    viljas little fingers are so nice in this picture :)

  6. Marieke Says:

    Looks really good :-)

  7. lins Says:

    Now I’m hungry!

  8. […] delicious Danish pancake breakfast, who doesn’t love a pancake breakfast? Speaking of pancakes… Pumpkin Pancakes featured […]

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