Birds and boxes

September 15, 2011

The shop is packed with fantastic new things. Or… it sure will be, as soon as I get some unpacking done!

Last picture is a costumer of mine, gracefully wearing a yellow bird brooch. I still LOVE to see things I’ve made in action.

11 Responses to “Birds and boxes”

  1. CHar Says:

    It must feel like Christmas every time you have boxes of goodies arrive.
    I adore your shop…one day I will visit.

  2. Justine Rebecca Says:

    Oh my goodness. That bird pin is so cute! Could you please sell more of them on your webshop – I’d buy you out in anticipation for christmas!

  3. Saskia Says:

    I love the gloves! :)

  4. Sigga Says:

    Sejt fin fugl på fin jakke

  5. lins Says:

    I thought she was a mannequin! ;-)

  6. kolora Says:

    Can I come round and help you unpack, please :)

  7. brinja Says:

    Kolora: :-) you are most welcome.

  8. brinja Says:

    Char: It’s great fun! I hope you’ll be able to stop by some day :-)

  9. Alexandra K Says:

    Looks wonderful!!! Yellow bird is a cutie;)

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