What I am bringing home…

September 18, 2011

From my parents garden: tomatoes, beetroot, parsley, thyme, salvia, squash, tarragon and 12 freshly laid eggs.

From the local dairy : cheese and cream.

And fanallly: two beautiful hand knitted (by ‘Granny O’) wool jackets, a green dress and a vest for Vilja and cousin April.

I should really go to Samsø more often don’t you think?

10 Responses to “What I am bringing home…”

  1. Octavie Says:

    The sweaters knitted by granny’s are the best! My Little Girl always wears hand-made sweaters from my husbands grandmother, she’s 94 years old.

  2. Lækre sager, uhm…

  3. Stine Says:

    You should definitely go to Samsø more often, the photos are amazing. It looks very spring-like.

  4. Tanya Says:

    Are there dairies like that one near Copenhagen? We lived in Germany and there was a dairy where we could fill our milk bottles from a machine for 80 Euro cent per liter. Is there anything like that on Sjaelland?

    We are moving to Copenhagen next year…..and I’ve been “lurking” here for awhile. It took milk and cheese to get me to “de-lurk” ;-)

    I really love your stories about the shop, and think it is GREAT that you can have such a rewarding and artistic job, by the way!

  5. You bring the country into the city: really nice :)

  6. ohhhappy Says:

    Sikke nogle gode sager, at komme hjem med… Har aldrig været på Samsø, men måske skulle jeg tage en tur derover en gang til sommer…

  7. kolora Says:

    Isn’t it wonderful to unpack all the treasures and still have the feeling about them where they came from and who made them – I love handmade things from my relatives and also food from “home”.

  8. Great!!! lucky you with your country treasures *_*

  9. nikaelamarie Says:

    wonderful! I keep bringing home garden goodies from my parent’s house too!

  10. Gracia Says:

    Like me, I never leave my parents place without a swag full of things, chiefly edible. Coffee, fruit, herbs… papers too, and flowers. Lovely pic.

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