Risotto dinner

September 27, 2011

At aunt Sigga, uncle Mikkel and Cousin Aprils place.

Oh and just to stay in the wedding-mode for a little bit longer; Anders and I have been married for 4 years today!!!

11 Responses to “Risotto dinner”

  1. kolora Says:

    Congratulations on your anniversary and have a very nice day!!!

  2. brinja Says:

    Simone: Thanks so much :-) -We will!

  3. Irene Says:

    The two girls are adorable. I want to see more of these breakfast-lunch-fika-dinner photos :) Oh, and of course: Happy anniversary!

  4. Irene Says:

    Oh, and one question: Is this a photo or a window behind the table? If it’s a window, it’s an amazing view!

  5. Edmée Says:

    congratulations! <3

  6. brinja Says:

    Irene: thanks for your comment :-) more food pics comming up -I promise! -It is the view you can see in the background, they live on the 14th floor.

  7. Sigga Says:

    Tak for i går og tillykke med bryllupsdagen!

  8. Lisa P. Says:

    Happy anniversary! May you enjoy many more happy years together!

  9. lins Says:

    Happy Anniversary Brinja and Anders! I’m a big fan of marriage and your photos, especially of funny girls playing with a shoe at dinner. LOL, it’s so perfect.

  10. Tytti Says:

    Hih, Happy anniversary! Today is also ours wedding anniversary, but we have been married for three years :). Those little wooden bowls are comfy and risotto looks delicious.

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