Leather boots

September 29, 2011

Anniversary gift from Anders.

6 Responses to “Leather boots”

  1. Lou Says:

    Tillykke :)

    Og hvor ser de skønne ud!


  2. Pjèr Says:

    the way to a girls heart..

  3. lins Says:

    Wonderful gift–is it traditional in Denmark? We have never done the traditional gifts, but I was just looking at the list on Wikipedia and oddly I did get a car last year in a roundabout way.

  4. stjerneglass Says:

    Gratulerer til dere begge!
    Fiiiine sko! <3

  5. brinja Says:

    Lins: It’s not traditional in Denmark (not that I know of)… but it is quite fun to look at that Wiki-list, newer knew about traditional anniversary gifts! -My new boots would have been the perfect 3 year anniversary gift, huh?
    Not bad, A new car!!! maybe that’ll be me some day :-)

  6. lins Says:

    Well, it wasn’t actually new, but now you know how long I’ve been married–haha–looooooooong time…. It had been away at college (getting an education, I’m sure) and he drove it back for me (1000 miles!) when our daughter went overseas to study. I didn’t realize until I looked at that list that all that happened right around the time of our anniversary, and it was the gift for that year (I hadn’t had a car at all for quite a while, so it indeed was a nice gift for him to drive it all that way.) Oh, your blog is just amazing that way. :) I hope you don’t have to wait that long, though! :)

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