This was yesterday

October 13, 2011

…Today was a cold cold day. I have been in the shop selling scarves, warm hats and gloves from morning to evening.  Now I’m tired.

5 Responses to “This was yesterday”

  1. kolora Says:

    Looks really busy…and yes, the cold weather reached us today and I haven’t finished my knitted hat :) I will have to hurry up a bit. Enjoy your weekend, Simone.

  2. gloriagj Says:

    WOW! I like so much your necklaces!

  3. Merel Says:

    looks busy, but happy. I l o v e fall :-)

  4. brinja Says:

    Gloriagj: Thank you :-)

  5. brinja Says:

    Kolora: If it’s getting as cold as here, you really have to hurry up with that knitting:-) ggggggg…. Have a great weekend. -b

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