October 28, 2011

My brother took me to a Lautrec exhibit yesterday that made my heart beat faster.

And he brought me home made cinnamon cakes (which is my all time favourite kind of cake) isn’t it marvellous?

Ps: yes; what a foggy foggy day!

8 Responses to “Joy”

  1. Homemade?! That’s fabulous. Love the foggy day which is what we’ve had here at the beach for about a month.

  2. lins Says:

    Those are my all-time favorite, too! And I love art and art museums. NICE brother!

  3. ne Says:

    just for the record: the cinnamon cakes was home made by Lea

  4. Sigga Says:

    fantastisk ja

  5. lins Says:

    wish I could make those as well as Lea, guess I should try… ;-)

  6. In a near future I would like to learn how to make some! It’s so tasty…


  7. Ohhhh, I love those cinnamon cakes! I always make sure I eat some when we are back in Budapest. You can not get them in the UK.

  8. katia Says:

    Oh, I saw this exhibit… beautiful

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