Winter shorts

November 4, 2011

I have been wearing shorts a lot lately. They kind of make me look like a little boy, but I don’t find that too bad.

They are thick, woollen and high waisted (and from my shop)

Ps: There’s a new ‘Brinja København’ facebook page in action. You can join it by a click in the ‘I like’ box to the right.

9 Responses to “Winter shorts”

  1. orangeplayt Says:

    I love wintershorts and like wearing my grey-patterned shorts with turtle-neck sweaters.:)

  2. They are also gorgeous!! I’m jealous!


  3. lina Says:

    nice! & i really like that cardigan you are wearing with the shorts : )

  4. CHar Says:

    I really like shorts in the winter…my old Art teacher in Spain used to wear shorts in the Winter with tights all the time.

  5. lins Says:

    I LOVE this trend but I can’t carry it off. One of the only trends I have had to bypass, and it KILLS me because I think it’s SOOO cute! So wear it while you can, young ones! 8p I did try a few years ago but the brass ring and reality have passed me by, I’m afraid. I do linger over wool shorts whenever I see them, though… I felt the same way when I realized I had outgrown my tricycle and dolls. LOL (I don’t think they are childish, just I’m TOO OLD!!!)

  6. lins Says:

    boo hoo hoo sniffle sniffle (I scrolled up again!) 8(

  7. Mariana Says:

    Nice shorts! And the cardigan looks nice and warm, too! :)

  8. Barbara Says:

    wow, lovely outfit, great colors, specially for this season. I also love wearing woolen shorts in the winter :)

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