Happy happy

November 10, 2011

I am so happy with how many of you joined the facebook page. Thank you all very very much for your loyal support!

It will be in Danish for the most of it I think, but I guess it will be mostly pictures anyway. Really hope you won’t feel left out because of the language…

8 Responses to “Happy happy”

  1. Edmée Says:

    ah :) I can read danish (but not speak or understand when it’s spoken ;) I like the language!

  2. Minttu Says:

    What a lovely tea tin!! Is there any chance to find (or order)them in Finland? I like your blog and I think your home looks really good! :)

  3. lins Says:

    you have always written in english here so don’t worry. you are so nice to be concerned about it though. i am just AMAZED at the english skills of people overseas. i have met people from many countries and they all spoke PERFECT english, i seriously thought many of them were American. and here few of us speak other languages well, me included. i regret not learning another language well. congratulations on your facebook getting so many likes so fast!!!

  4. Sigga Says:

    Super skønne billeder

  5. aloÿse Says:

    I really like the ginger-lemon tea. That’s what I like. Difference of language and motivation for reading what people say.
    I’m french. I don’t understand danish at all but sometimes with only the pictures I can understand things. Not all.

  6. brinja Says:

    Minttu: It’s French and called ‘LØV’ I think it’s possible to find online, but I don’t know where. Really good tea :-)

  7. Minttu Says:

    Tack så mycket!!
    What a great Xmas present idea as well, and then I might have to order some for myself too :) You can never have too many teas of beautiful things anyway!

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