Vilja and cousin April..

November 11, 2011

…and a really colourful meal. Mashed potatoes, parmesan cheese, corn, peas and shrimps.

April right, Vilja left.

9 Responses to “Vilja and cousin April..”

  1. Alexandra K Says:

    Looks delicious!!! The second photo is just too cute;)))

  2. Edmée Says:

    I love to see your food!

  3. nielsekr Says:

    Det sidste billede er bedst!

  4. lins Says:

    omg uncle is having as much fun as the girls! 8)

  5. kolora Says:

    Your kids look so cute and they surely have lots of fun “flying” in a box :) – and the food looks yummy!

  6. Marieke Says:

    Sweet girls; and Vilja looks really like you :)

  7. lina Says:

    so cute! i know that boxes can be favorite toys. sometimes more fun is had with the box a toy comes in than the actually toy itself : )

  8. annamaria Says:

    Visiting your blog makes me smile!

  9. Sigga Says:

    Tak for overnatning kære moster

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