Dinner time

November 17, 2011

Anders made a pie yesterday. Broccoli, salmon, asparaguses and garlic. Uhm!

14 Responses to “Dinner time”

  1. Uhm, det ser lækkert ud! -Og hyggeligt..

  2. Simone Says:

    I’m hungry and this looks soo yummy, again! Hihi…

  3. Kira Says:

    Det ser simpelthen så lækkert ud :)

  4. annamaria Says:

    This looks soooo delicious- couldn’t we have the recipe please??

  5. rachael Says:

    brinja, these look SOOOO good. the baby looks ready to eat!

  6. Tamires/tara Says:

    Hi Brinja I really love your blog, it is a big inspiration for me. i would like to participate in What i wore this week. How can i do? It is possible? A BIG KISS FROM A HUGE FAN IN BRASIL!

  7. Alexandra K Says:

    this looks sooooo tasty…im hungry now!!1 )

  8. floencuisine Says:

    as we say in France “miam miam”

  9. Elisabeth Says:

    Eit flott måltid!


  10. Hildur Says:

    Mon Anders vil starte en foodblog snart for os??:)

  11. lins Says:

    I had the same idea, Hildur! ;-) He’s already a celebrity and a chef, so why not? ;-)

  12. brinja Says:

    Tamires/tara: YAY! that would be great. Just mail me five pictures of five outfits, I’ll take care of the rest. Looking forward :) All the best

  13. looks so good. we don’t make enough savory pies here in the states. i love a hearty savory pie. especially in winter. Teri

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