Stay tuned…

November 21, 2011

As I was hanging up some shelves at the shop today the postman dropped by with a very special something from someone living on the opposite side of the earth. Something thoughtful and wonderful!!! tomorrow I will show you what is was…and then the day after tomorrow I will show you the very exciting mini thing I made for my minihome… unless something more thrilling happens in between of course…

Sleep tight. b

4 Responses to “Stay tuned…”

  1. Mariana Says:

    Exciting… :)

    p.s. – I always love seeing photos of your beautiful shop!

  2. Nicky Says:

    You have such a wonderful shop. I could get lost in it and spend lots of time….and money! : )

  3. Octavie Says:

    How much mystery can you put in one tiny blog-post… can’t wait:)

  4. Leney Says:

    Your shop is so beautiful! I just discovered your blog and I love it:) Following you.
    <3 Leney

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