Something very small

November 22, 2011

Helen from Australia sent me this very small house!!!

It made me so very happy on a grey and rainy day – that someone so far away thought of me and took the time and effort to post me a little gift. Thank you Helen!

14 Responses to “Something very small”

  1. WOW! That is a very collectible Lundby house for your dolls house! They are very hard to find these days and quite expensive, so I’d say Helen is a very sweet and generous soul! Have fun with it!!

  2. Alexandra K Says:

    this house is just too cute.)) are you examining it with a magnifying glass? =)

  3. heodeza Says:

    that is one adorable little house! so sweet!

  4. Katrine Says:

    Gud tænk at det overhovedet kan laves så småt! Er helt forundret – meget meget sødt af Helen! (:

  5. Krisha Says:

    Oh! That is so cute- I had no Idea this hobby of miniature existed until I read your blog- but I must say I can see the attraction. Thanks for sharing this!

  6. lins Says:

    Is it going in the mini-house? Then you will have to copy it in large size for your actual house. ;-)

  7. nellshouse Says:

    So pleased the tiny Gothenburg made you smile Brinja!
    I know you’ll treasure it & it’s good that it’s back a bit nearer home…
    Helen (Nell) xxx

  8. brinja Says:

    Lins: hahaha, the other way around suddenly! I don’t know yet, but I’ll be sure to let you know :) Have a great day Lins -b

  9. That is so nice and so thoughtful!

  10. Sigga Says:

    Hvor sødt!!!

  11. Bettina Says:

    This is an exact copy of the dollshouse I had for christmas when I was 5 YO (37 Y ago) I get all nostalgic by seeing this, the same furnitures, curtens etc.

  12. Claudia Says:

    Nice blog, Helen (Nell) and of course nice blog, Brinja. Have fun with the mini-Lundby !

  13. WOW! what a new teasure!

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