Miniature pillow

November 23, 2011

Sorry about the sudden overload of miniature post. I can’t seem to stop thinking about mini-things now… what, how and when to make some more…

This pillow what was I did a few days ago. It is so silly; I have a thousand things on my to-do list and I end up spending 3-4 hours on a miniature pillow…

24 Responses to “Miniature pillow”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Your miniatures are comforting for eyes and soul.
    Do not stop making and sharing them, please!

  2. Simone Says:

    I really like your miniatures and this pillow is so cute! I can totally understand what you mean about having so many things on the to do list and spending time with something that is totally “unnecessary” – but hey, it makes you happy and this is so important :)

  3. Alexandra K Says:

    but this pillow is so amazing…it is worth spending time on things we enjoy!!!!

  4. nico Says:

    so nice,your miniature home is amazing, is so special☼

  5. Anne Says:

    yes, sometimes it’s hard to keep your mind on your to do list… but the pillow worked out really good! it’s identical!! enjoy:)

  6. Nina Amelia Says:

    I love the mini “Politiken”! :) Where did you get it?

  7. brinja Says:

    Nina Amelia: Thanks. I made it. It is a photograph that is scaled, printed and glued on a piece of cardboard.

  8. What a beutiful cushion, I love the colours.

  9. I think miniatures are cool and…if you want I can make a crochetted mini blanket!

  10. Maryl Says:

    I just can’t believe it!! I’m so fascinated by your miniatures! Your pillow is darling…

  11. lins Says:

    Both pillows are BEAUTIFUL!

  12. Pjèr Says:

    Hey Brinja,

    your home project would be worthy of a place here
    XXS in Gemeentemuseum The Hague .

    I’d never have picked up on the ad normally. Not my thing really.
    But maybe you or some of your readers are interested.

  13. Pjèr Says:

    The Rietveld version is nice though

  14. OH my good you are so talented!!!!

  15. mateja Says:

    wau.. it’s amazing !! I love it !

  16. ulla Says:

    Du er så vild! Elsker dine miniature ting:-)

  17. Nina Amelia Says:

    That’s pretty cool :)

  18. brinja Says:

    Pjèr: That was very thoughtful of you, thanks a lot!

  19. brinja Says:

    coki milktoothrain: Hey thanks, sounds cool :)

  20. Hvor ér den CUTE ! :-)

  21. Sans! Says:

    Every minute well spent. I have the lifesize pillow (like 15 of them LOL) as well and made my own mini ones too :).

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