November 24, 2011

Thanks for all your comments lately and hello hello to all you new readers, it’s very nice to ‘meet’ you!

18 Responses to “Vilja”

  1. geeske Says:

    I’m so curious; does she look like a little Brinja or a little Anders? Happy days, Geeske

  2. Ellen Says:

    Beautiful girl!

  3. Milla Says:

    She is looking definitely like a little Anders if I may interpret. She is very beautiful! <3 I love your little stories and your very aesthetic blog (don't know how to spell it in Englisch. In German, it's "Ästhetisch".) Hugs, Milla

  4. Marhya Says:

    Oh, what a price! She has a beautiful smile, so sweet.

  5. gita Says:

    Mini Anders:) She s so super cute.

  6. Merel Says:

    cute! I was wondering what you were telling her, while you took the pictures… must be something funny!

  7. Louise Says:

    She is the most adorable little heartbreaker…

  8. Sigga Says:

    Ihhh hvor vi dog savner smukke kusine Vilja

  9. lins Says:

    so sweet (aesthetic is perfect, milla)

  10. Jane Says:

    Vilja is so adorable, you are very lucky parents!

  11. Marieke Says:

    So sweet and funny too :)

  12. brinja Says:

    Merel: :-) I had placed her pacifier on top of the camera lens -works every time!

  13. brinja Says:

    Milla: Thanks so much for your sweet sweet words :) Have a great weekend. -b

  14. Maja Says:

    She`s a cutie pie! ;)
    Oh and I`m one of the new readers and I`m so happy that I discovered your blog – a m a z i n g! :)
    Nice to ” meet ” you as well! ;)

  15. Stephanie Says:

    These pictures of Vilja are so adorable – her facial expression over the whole pictures series makes her look like she just got caught doing something she’s absolutely not supposed to do – but her cute mischievous little grin in the last pic giving her away and showing that she a total blast doing it *<:^)

  16. brinja Says:

    geeske: I think she looks a bit more like Anders than me… Happy days to you too:)

  17. Nadine Says:

    you all have such a warm smiling. really heart warming. by the way: she has such a cute nose :)

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