November 30, 2011

In the minihome.

7 Responses to “Dust”

  1. tamires Says:

    Brinja, you are sooo talented! Yours mini constructions are amazing! Congratulations for the excelente work!

  2. Jules Says:

    Oh I’m so excited to see more and more of this. I love this mini world!

  3. Maja Says:

    outstanding minihome! and about the dust…you should make a miniature vacuum cleaner :)

  4. Ava Says:

    Makes it even more realistic! No home, mini or large, is ever completely dust-free…

  5. annamaria Says:

    How special is that!!

  6. Gracia Says:

    Truly just like a real home now. A home sprinkled with a little dust.

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